The second Sunday in May, each year, is Mother's Day. A day where you celebrate the person who gave birth to you, or the person who raised you, or even the person who has always been like a mom to you. They have many different names, but you love and appreciate them.

How can you mark the day with a gift? Great idea! A small gift, maybe a card? These are all great ideas. But what are gifts that you should stay away from? Keep reading for a list of 'things you should never buy Mom for Mother's Day.' The key is to actually think about what your mom likes and is interested in.

What should you never buy your Mom for Mother's Day?

Care Bears
John Trainor // Flick

Unless your Mom has ever told you that she specifically collects toys or stuffed animals, do not get her one of those for Mother's Day. The only way that a stuffed animal will be ever appreciated by your mom is if you made it yourself in stuffed animal class, or any other way that you might have actually crafted it and stitched it together yourself, otherwise this is a hard pass. 

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Is Mother's Day a great time to get your Mom a new vacuum?

Man Hoovering Seat Of Car During Car Cleaning

In the iconic words of Clint Eastwood, " Are you feeling lucky punk?" Do not get Mom a vacuum for Mother's Day, unless and this is the only way around it, she has her sights on some super expensive $500 or more vacuum and you know that it is on her Amazon or whatever else wish list. That is the only way you can give it to her without also implying that she is a horrible housekeeper.

Is a gym membership a great gift for Mom on Mother's Day?

I personally would love it, but Mom's might see it as you are saying that they are out of shape and fat. If Mom already belongs to a gym and has mentioned getting personal training sessions or really wants to take some hot yoga classes, go ahead and treat her to a few of those, but again, this is a tricky area because you really need to know that these are things she wants.

Good luck, Happy Mother's Day!

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