Live music can be a hard thing to come by these days. Many big-time tours have been cancelled or postponed. Even smaller, regional acts have a hard time booking shows with various restrictions. One place; however, is managing to bring quality entertainment to the Hudson Valley. The Cove Castle in Greenwood Lake continues to offer dining, drinks, live entertainment and more!The Orange County destination this month alone is offering a great array of musicians and comedy. This weekend, they are offering a jam-packed weekend of jazz, co-hosted by the Hudson Valley Jazz Festival.

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  • January 21st Dinner- 7pm – Rave Tesar Trio, Sue Williams & Steve Rubin
  • January 22nd Dinner – 7pm – Vinnie Cutro Quartet with Special Guest Musicians
  • January 23rd Brunch – 1pm-4pm – Jeff Ciampa Trio – Pete Levin & Jeff Siegel

January is typically a gloomy month. We've already had several snow falls this month, and I can probably count the amount of times that we have had sun on one hand. It is cold, it is miserable, and it is not the most welcoming time of year for events. So why not treat yourself to some drinks, some food, and some great music? Going out on the town should not be only reserved for the summer. Events like what The Cove offers is a great reminder that the Hudson Valley offers a wide array art and entertainment. So, fold up your blankets, turn off the Netflix, and get out there and enjoy the culture the Hudson Valley has to offer.

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