Another near disaster was avoided at one of New York's busiest airports.

JFK International Airport is one of the busiest airports in New York and not only that, but one of the busiest airports in the country. Many New Yorkers and other people throughout the country fly in and out of there multiple times a year. A recent incident took place at the airport that could have been life-threatening and horrifically scary, but thank god some quick thinking diverted the issue.

What scary incident almost happened at JFK Airport?

According to officials, it was reported that Swiss Airlines Flight 17 K aborted take off at John F. Kennedy International Airport because four aircraft were crossing the runway downfield. So you can already tell something terrible could have happened.

Officials say, The Swiss 17K plane was cleared for takeoff at the airport and the pilot began speeding down the runway at about 40mph.

All of a sudden, the pilot was forced to reportedly abort the takeoff because four jets were spotted (putting them on a collision course) and they were preparing to cross the same runway.

You can hear the audio where the pilot is telling air traffic control that there was:

"Heavy rejecting takeoff. Traffic on runway"

The pilot's quick thinking has been praised and it prevented a huge disaster where people could have been greatly harmed or even worse.

I can't imagine how scary that must have been for the pilot, the passengers, the people on all the planes and everyone working at the airport.

Unfortunately, airlines have been in the news a lot lately it seems short staffing is being blamed for some of the problems. The FAA says they are continuing to investigate what happened and will release more details as they come out.

You can hear the frightening audio yourself here:

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Scarily, another near disaster was allegedly avoided not too long after at Washington's Reagan National Airport, in a similar situation a JetBlue plane had been cleared for takeoff, and the pilot was forced to slam on his breaks after air traffic control noticed they had reportedly cleared another plane to taxi on the same runway....yikes.

Thank goodness for the quick thinking of pilots and hopefully the FAA can assist so these issues won't happen, especially with summer upon us.

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