The Hollywood crew partied at the historic Hudson Valley spot and took Jager shots and more for our founding fathers.

Most people know by now that Jimmy Fallon is from the Hudson Valley. Jimmy has been very vocal about how he's from Saugerties and how much love he has for the area.

Fallon hosts 'The Tonight Show' and he recently had a guest who spoke very highly of the Hudson Valley and one particular spot here. The actor explained the story to Fallon and it sounded like a pretty big party went down in this location and it seemed like one for the books.

What celebrity was recently talking about the Hudson Valley?

Michael Cera is a popular actor who has appeared in movies like 'Barbie', 'Superbad, 'Juno' and more. He was a guest on 'The Tonight Show' and he told Jimmy Fallon that he was in "upstate" New York and went out at the Tavern at Beekman Arms.

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Not only did he go out, but he said a pretty epic karaoke party went down there and that it was an awesome night.

I really hope the Founding Fathers did take shots there...seriously though.

Can you imagine seeing a few famous people there doing hardcore karaoke? That would be worth a few beers...

It was a pretty cool way to hear and see the Hudson Valley mentioned and hopefully, Michael Cera will return.

Have you been to the Tavern at Beekman Arms or seen any celebrities there? Share your story with us on the station app.

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