Weren’t pleased with Johnny Depp’s Boston gangster? Underwhelmed by his continual attempts to charm you with makeup-clad characters? Too bad, because Depp’s latest role takes character acting to the next level, finding him playing the ultimate character: Donald Trump.

Depp teamed up with Funny or Die to create an actual 50-minute movie, Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie, a faux made-for-TV movie based on Trump’s 1987 book of the same name. It’s full of terrible ‘80s clothes, terrible ‘80s hair, ALF, and Depp-as-Trump talking about Trump’s “brass balls.” The fake movie was directed by Jeremy Konner of Drunk History, written by Joe Randazzo with a fake script full of Trump’s notes and the theme music was even written by Kenny Loggins. According to the New York Times, the film was secretly shot over four days in December and released in honor (shock?) of the real Trump’s new Hampshire primary win on Tuesday.

In it the bizarre faux biopic, Michaela Watkins plays Ivana Trump and Ron Howard narrates as himself, plus there’s cameos by Patton Oswald, Alfred Molina, Henry Winkler and Jacob Tremblay (!), the latter in a very Lifetime-esque twist. There’s also a (spoiler alert) surprise visit from the future President Donald Trump to enhance our nightmares further. If you find yourself with a free hour today you can stream the full movie on Funny or Die. Depp is starring in The Invisible Man reboot next, so enjoy the makeup while you can.