Is Josh Gad just screwing with us or what? A few weeks back, the Beauty and the Beast star tweeted a photo of Batman villain Penguin without comment, leading many to speculate that he might be up for a role in Ben Affleck’s new solo film — speculation fueled by the fact that DC Films heads Jon Berg and Geoff Johns had recently followed Gad on Twitter. Although the actor clarified his tweet shortly after, his latest social media post might be backtracking on that previous backtrack…or maybe Gad’s just all up in our heads now.

Gad was at it again last night, tweeting a photo of his meeting with Jon Berg and Geoff Johns from DC Films along with the caption “Nothing to see here…”:

As you can see, he’s holding a copy of Batman Adventures Volume 1, the cover of which features the Penguin. Look, obviously this doesn’t necessarily mean that Gad is in talks to play the comic book villain in the DC movie universe. And although we have no idea if the Penguin is even a part of the studio’s upcoming film plans, Ben Affleck’s The Batman isn’t the only project where he could make an appearance. Gotham City Sirens, the all-female DC villain spinoff featuring Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, is another possibility.

Not long after he initially fired up the rumor mill with that Penguin tweet, Gad told MTV that he was “just having some fun,” adding, “It’s all ‘we’ll see,’ it’s all putting it out in the ether.” Whatever the case may truly be, I think we can all agree that Josh Gad’s behavior is totally diabolical — but hey, at least he’s got that aspect of the Penguin’s personality on lock.