We've all heard the stories about crazy, disgusting, non-food, inedible, gross things that people allegedly find in their fast food meals. I mean, obviously we don't really want to believe that stuff goes on, but because of all the stuff we hear about "pink slime" and "horse meat" and whatever else corporations pump into our food, part of us has no trouble believing it's possible that something nefarious, or maybe just weird, finds its way into our food, intentionally or not.

Now, what happened at this KFC in Australia isn't the craziest thing in the world. I mean, you're using machines to separate chicken parts; eventually some of the undesirable parts of the animal are going to find their way in. It's just a matter of whether or not facing the reality that what you're eating once had organs is going to dissuade you from eating KFC anymore.

As for me, even after hearing the story, that photo of chicken at the top there is making me awfully hungry.