Odds are that this dude's new hobby is way cooler than yours.

Quarantine has not been easy for any of us. Most people had to come up with some sort of new activity to keep themselves occupied.

Some people decided to pick up and read a new book and others started growing tomatoes during quarantine. One man from Kingston has decided to try something a little different while he waits for his work to reopen.

Erick Spader, a member of the Empire City Garrison/Hudson Valley Squad of the 501st Legion, a community of Star Wars enthusiasts has started to make helmets from some of our favorite movies.

Erick used his 3D printer to make an Iron Man, Storm Trooper, Mandalorian and Predator helmet.

I'm not sure if he is doing freelance work but if he is I really hope he makes me a Wolverine or Blackmask helmet before Halloween. Most likely our costumes will require some sort of face covering anyway.

Credit: Erick Spader
Credit: Erick Spader



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