Gordon Ramsay is by far one of the most recognizable chef's known today. His shows like Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, and Next Level Chef are all staples of the food-related content consumption. Another show of his is making a revival as he tries to revive struggling businesses. One of those latest endeavors brought him to the Hudson Valley.

Gordon Ramsay Attempts to Revive Westchester County Restaurant

Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares has returned after an almost 10-year hiatus. The premise of the show is that Gordon Ramsay works to turn struggling businesses around. One of the 10 episodes in the latest series brought Ramsay to Yonkers, New York. This is not the only Hudson Valley restaurant Gordon Ramsay has visited for this show. An early episode featured Love Bites in Saugerties, NY.

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Ramsay sets his sights on helping Yonkers Puerto Rican eatery, El Cantito Cafe. El Cantito Cafe has been climbing an uphill battle. The restaurant opened five days before the COVID-19 Pandemic Shutdown on March 10, 2020. Sibling owners Julio Santana and Adelvi (Debbie) Santana have struggled against inflation, lingering effects from the pandemic, and have used up much of their savings to keep things afloat. In an attempt to garner more business, they tried hosting events such as drag shows; however, that was shut down because they didn't have the proper cabaret licenses.

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The Santanas refuse to quit because the restaurant is in memory of their mother, Gloria Santana, who passed away 13 years ago to breast cancer. All the recipes on the menu are hers, and everything in the restaurant from the food to the music to the decor is to honor her.

So how did Gordon Ramsay do in helping the siblings and their restaurant? The episode aired on Fox last Monday, November 20th, but people can watch it on demand on Fox's website and on Hulu.

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