On the heels of the release of their latest album The Serenity of SufferingKorn have unveiled the video for the track "Take Me" that you can watch above. The lyrics of the song deal with addiction from the perspective of the drug.

In an interview with Billboard, frontman Jonathan Davis talked about the process of making the album. "It’s just different from the other records for me personally because I really wanted to let those guys do what they do and see what happens," Davis says. "I had to battle a lot of stuff."

"I had a lot of sh-- going on mentally, all kinds of stuff with this record, and I wasn’t really there, to be honest, in all aspects of it until I started listening to the music and they came down and I started doing vocals, and it took me halfway through that even to actually grasp it and get what we were going for," Davis revealed. "Towards the end and after I started singing, the best thing I did was to not even think. Some records I really overthink. And I think this record was straight from the heart."

Korn just wrapped up a U.S. tour, and will be playing a handful of U.K. shows in December with Limp Bizkit. Next year they'll be doing more European touring, as they kick off a trek with Heaven Shall Burn and Hellyeah on March 11 in Zurich, Switzerland. For all their concert dates, go here.

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