Whether or not your personal politics ended up validated over the last few weeks, few would argue that 2016 has at least proven a challenging year. Certainly not John Oliver, who used the final Last Week Tonight of the year to look back on Trump’s election, and literally blow up 2016 with a spectacular goodbye.

Rather than simply offer a few clips, HBO actually put the entirety of Sunday’s Last Week Tonight Season 3 finale online shortly after its airing. In it, Oliver looks at the election of Trump from every angle, offering a myriad of organizations worth donating to and supporting, before the final number.

At long last, in lieu of a cheerful montage celebrating some of the recurring gags over the last season, Oliver put together a segment of citizens and celebrities reacting to some of the more challenging aspects of 2016, including everyone from Weird Al Yankovic, to Larry David and Amy Schumer. There’s still a few weeks left for us, but Oliver otherwise burns down 2016 nicely.

You can watch the full episode for yourself above, and stay tuned for more Last Week Tonight next year.