Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has said that a reunion of the band isn't happening, even though he and brother Noel Gallagher appear to have settled their differences. He revealed earlier this week that Noel had made contact with him, and they were looking forward to meeting in the near future. The move brought an end to the public feud that’s been running since the band split acrimoniously in 2009.

Asked directly about the chance of a reunion, Liam told The Age, “God, no no. Oasis isn’t getting back together – not at all. I’m doing my thing, he’s doing his thing and that is the end of it. It’s still the same. It’s just that I’ve called a truce on it and he’s called a truce on it and no more slagging.”

“I’m gonna not be as naughty as I am on the Twitter and slag him off," he added. "You’ve gotta try sometimes, haven’t you? Who’s to say the wheels won’t fall off again – but you’ve gotta try. And all is good in my neck of the woods. I’m gonna try and see Noel at Christmas.”

Liam recently released his first solo album As You Were, while Noel’s High Flying Birds launched Who Built the Moon? the following month. Both achieved notable sales success during their first weeks on sale. Liam had previously said that he'd never get over the Oasis split, but Noel had ruled out a reunion, saying, "I felt that I, personally, had done enough. I felt that this was just going to go around in circles, forever. It is easy to sit there and pick up the check, travel in separate airplanes, separate dressing rooms, go onstage at opposite sides of the venue, and do the gig. You arrive and you leave separately. And you have written all these joyous f---ing songs.

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