The Gallagher brothers are at it again. The truce called between the former Oasis bandmates Liam and Noel Gallagher before Christmas has apparently ended, with the two again swapping insults in public.

“I’m offended by singer/songwriters who, when you scratch the surface, don’t do any f---ing songwriting," Noel said as the guest on an episode of the Sodajerker podcast last month. "As far as I’m aware if you scratch the surface of any solo artist in Britain and they’ve all got a team of songwriters behind them. Apart from me, Paul Weller and Johnny Marr, I’m struggling to think of anybody else. Richard Ashcroft, Our Kid (Liam) all the way to f---ing Ed Sheeran and the little fella from One Direction they’ve all got an army of songwriters behind them."

The comments didn't go unnoticed by his brother Liam, who yesterday tweeted, "Dig me out all day long rkid but Richard Ashcroft pisses all over you and the 2 Ronnie’s every day of the wk as you were LG x."

"He wasn't moaning about who wrote what in the 90s when I was making him rich and famous he's full of s---," he added in the thread. It was only the start of a Twitter storm spaced throughout the day and aimed at his brother, who he called a "mouthy c---." "When was the last time you and your purists had a HIT you and and the purple rinse brigade PARK THE BUS boring boring boring boring boring ... The day the Smiths split up he parked the bus the day he broke up the Jam he parked the bus the day he broke up oasis he parked the bus LG x."

Liam went so far as to say "Bottom line is rkids devastatedI don't need him anymore FREE AS A BIRD as you were LG x," and when asked by a fan about the alleged holiday truce, he didn't mince words: "F--- the truce."

Liam also revealed that he attempted to reunite the original lineup of Oasis that existed prior to Noel joining the band, featuring Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs on guitar, Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan on bass and Tony McCarroll on drums, with himself as singer but the rest of the crew wasn't up for it — according to Liam.

Although, it seems at least one member of the band objected to his answer.

Liam had recently revealed that his heartache over the demise of the band. "I’m still deeply f---ing disturbed and still deeply grieving for that band," he said. “I know it’s been nine years or however long it is, and I know people go, ‘Yeah, but get over it.’ But no. I won’t f---ing get over it."