Many people in the area will recognize the name Frankie Flowers for all that he does to give back to the Hudson Valley community through his acts of kindness.  Frankie does the work he does for his late father, John, who was also well known in the Poughkeepsie area.

This holiday season Frankie has once again organized 'John Flowers Christmas Wish' where children can write a letter to Santa, and Frankie and his 'elves' answer the letters and wishes with gifts leading up to Christmas.  He doesn't do it alone, asking for assistance in adopting a child or family, and for volunteers to help serve as Santa in delivering to families leading up to Christmas.  Local businesses, major companies, and even individuals are vital in collecting and donating to this incredible cause.

Well, recently County Executive Marcus Molinaro heard that Frankie still had 800 letters from kids still to fill for Christmas, and came through in a big way.  Frankie, announcing in a facebook post, thanking Marcus, Vicky, and the county drivers and Toys for Tots for helping fill the lists by sending two box trucks full of toys as a donation.

Frankie continually updates the Hudson Valley on the status of his efforts, informing the community that his plan is to ensure that everyone who sent in a letter for the Christmas Wish receives a gift, even if he has to do it on Christmas, or the days after.

Lat year alone, the John Flowers Christmas Wish delivered to over 2,000 children, with plans to do the same this year.  In addition, Frankie is also responsible for organizing a 'hot Christmas meal' program to provide for families that are in need.

During the holiday season it is always so heartwarming to read stories and see people giving back to those who may need it.  Food collections, toy-drives, adopt-a-family, it brings a sense of community to the Hudson Valley, especially this time of year.  Thank you, Frankie, for contributing to the brightness of the holiday season in the Hudson Valley.

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