Assemblyman Karl Brabenec, who represents parts of Orange and Rockland counties, spoke out about what he’s calling the failure of Common Core.

Brabenec spoke against Common Core and in his words its “Botched implementation,” at a press conference held by Assemblyman Ed Ra Monday in Albany. The press conference focused on ending the 2011 education cuts known as the Gap Elimination Adjustment and making changes to Common Core and the state’s teacher evaluation systems.

“Common Core was implemented poorly from the beginning and the program continues to leave a scar on New York’s schools,” Brabenec said. “The over-testing and mandated time devoted to test-prep does not allow our students to embrace their creativity or provide our teachers the flexibility they need to implement their curriculum. Furthermore, the Gap Elimination Adjustment continues to suffocate our school districts’ budgets and forces the termination of good teachers and programs. I will continue to fight against these misguided approaches during this year’s session.”

Brabenec has been representing New York’s 98th Assembly District since winning a special election in 2014. The 98th district is made up of Port Jervis, Deerpark, Greenville, Minisink, Warwick, Monroe, Tuxedo, and portions of Ramapo

In September Governor Andrew Cuomo launched a 15 person Common Core task force. Cuomo directed the task force to “do a total reboot” of the Common Core system.