Doing business differently is what sets locally owned Davis Furniture apart from the competition. Davis Furniture has been giving its customers more and charging them less for over 90 years. Their customers love shopping in a pressure free environment. You will always get the help you need, but you will never be pressured or followed around the store.

Unlike chain furniture stores Davis Furniture offers colors, sizes and styles that you won’t find anywhere else. While other stores only sell out of inventory, Davis Furniture deals with American factories that offer hundreds of colors, styles and sizes. You will even find eco friendly mattresses and sofas as well as difficult to find Made in America items for the same price or less than you will find at the chain stores. Customers come in all the time to find items that the other stores just aren't able to find them. Not only will Davis Furniture try to find you the items you are looking for, but they are often able to do it and still come in well under your budget. The most common comments that Davis Furniture hears from their customers are "I can’t believe how easy that was" and "I wish I knew about this store sooner." Davis Furniture works just as hard for their customers whether they are looking to spend a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars. They make it easy, let them know your budget, the style you are looking for and Davis Furniture will do the rest.

Being locally owned lets Davis Furniture do things that the chain stores aren’t able to do. All of our employees live locally and we do not sub contract our deliveries. Their customers love seeing the same delivery men year after year. A day doesn’t go by that customers don’t call the store to let them know how much they appreciated such professional and courteous deliverymen. Davis Furniture also does their best to take the pain out of the delivery process. You can request certain days and you are always given a 2-3 hour delivery window so you aren’t stuck waiting around the house. You can even request a 30-60 minute call ahead so your day isn’t ruined waiting around the house.

Davis Furniture always has tremendous clearance deals going on. They will sell slower moving items well below their wholesale cost in order to make room for new arrivals. Stop in and see why Davis Furniture has once again been voted the Best Furniture in the Hudson Valley.