Each weeknight at 8 PM WRRV counts down the most in-demand Alternative songs in the Hudson Valley. Here's a look at the top 5 songs for the week of November 2.


Juice WRLD tragically passed away in his prime but his new song featuring Marshmello is representing on the Buzzcuts this week in the number five position.

Dallon Weekes was formerly a member of Panic! At The Disco but now has a new project with a Back To The Future inspired named. IDKHBTFM has a new album out called Razzmatazz. 'Leave Me Alone' is making its mark on the Buzzcuts this week at number four.

Don't miss Dayglow on Tuesday for a special digital edition of #wrrvsessions live on our Facebook page. 'Can I Call You Tonight' lands at number three this week.

New WRRV artist Peach Tree Rascals are bringing the good vibes with their latest tune 'Mariposa' at number two. But it's not enough to topple MGK and his new single featureing blackbear called 'My Ex's Best Friend'. See you Monday for another edition of the WRRV Buzzcuts!

5. Juice WRLD f.Marshmello 'Come And Go'

4. I Don't Know How But They Found Me 'Leave Me Alone'

3. Dayglow 'Can I Call You Tonight'

2. Peach Tree Rascals 'Mariposa'

1. MGK f.blackbear 'My Ex's Best Friend'

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