Enter Sandman? Professor Sandman?

A hefty investment from a heavy band is going to help one particular SUNY school in a very big way.

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One SUNY School Selected For 'Metallica Scholars' Funding

While some colleges offer specialized courses where content is focused on some of your favorite bands and artists, other musicians are taking college connections to a whole new level.

40+ year heavy metal veterans Metallica has selected SUNY Westchester Community College (WCC) as the recipients of a $50,000 grant from their 'All Within My Hands' foundation. One of only five community colleges in the country to receive the funding, WCC was selected following a competitive application process. Through the program, these funds will be allocated directly to 'support women seeking education in the skilled trades.'


This is not the first time the Metallica Scholars Program has positively impacted Westchester Community College students, as the band, and the 'All Within My Hands' foundation has supported WCC women to pursue skilled trades in the past.

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Metallica Helps WCC Students 'Turn The Page'

The Metallica Scholars program launched in 2019, where ten colleges from around the country received funds; in year two 15 schools got funding, and by year five, 42 schools across 33 states. The program has impacted 6,000 students according to the 'All Within My Hands' official website.

Metallica, in collaboration with the American Association of Community Colleges, at WCC specifically has teamed with Carhartt to provide funding for scholarships for women in skilled trades:

The For the Love of Labor program will provide scholarships for women looking to gain the skills, knowledge and support necessary to thrive in the high-demand and well-paying construction industries, contributing to their personal success and the overall growth of these sectors.

If you happen to be a WCC student who is interested in learning more about this opportunity and the courses/programs it supports, check out the listings here.

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