An intricate model train set features the old Hudson Valley Maybrook Train Line and uses the old Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge as its centerpiece.

According to Wikipedia, the old Maybrook line connected the city of New Haven in Connecticut with the station in Maybrook. Portions of the old line now make up part of the Dutchess County Rail trail system. In May of 1974, a fire damaged the bridge and it was never used for rail traffic again. Use had been declining in previous years as other modes of transportation were introduced.

YouTube use Dave McGill has gone to great lengths to recreate the Maybrook line, his video follows the trip a train would have taken if it had left the New Haven station and was traveling westbound. The video also takes a detour (around the 12:30 mark) and shows what would have been Poughkeepsie's Smith Street Yard.

The 46th annual Train and Hobby Show will return to the Mid Hudson Civic Center next fall.