Police in Portland, Ore., say Modest Mouse singer Isaac Brock caused a multi-car collision after falling asleep at the wheel.

Word of Brock's accident comes courtesy of The Oregonian, which notes that the frontman was in town "days after" wrapping up the band's most recent tour with a July 31 stop at the local Moda Center. According to the police report, he fell asleep after crossing a bridge and ended up driving into a traffic stop and "hit the rear of a City of Portland Parks pick-up-truck, which hit a Subaru, which hit another Subaru, which likely hit a 5th car that left the scene (perhaps not knowing it had been tapped)."

The report goes on to add that Brock was administered a sobriety test, which he passed; after telling police he fell asleep at the wheel, he was cited for careless driving and the investigation was closed. There were reportedly no serious injuries.

As previously reported, Brock made Portland-related headlines last year when he insulted the city during an interview with a Polish website, dismissing his residence there as "kind of an accident" and describing living in it as "exhausting."

The problem, according to Brock, is that the "quirky" character that makes people see Portland as a hipster mecca looks a lot more like squalor when you're actually living in it. "It is the most vagrant-ridden [city] — it’s really f---in’ up my liberal mind," he complained. "I’m just like, 'What a collection of human turds.' Two people died. This is within 300 feet of my house. It’s just a constant s---show of fights. And that’s just Portland keeping itself weird."

Modest Mouse's most recent release, Strangers to Ourselves, peaked at No. 3 last March.

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