We can all agree that our wallets have been feeling the impact of the cost of just about everything increasing lately. From utilities to grocery bills, and especially at the gas pumps, just about everyone has been talking about finances and spending these days.  Unfortunately, a program that went into effect over the summer that had been saving New Yorkers some cash at the pumps has expired.

New York's Gas Tax 'Holiday' 2022

Earlier this year, a number of proposals began circulating, both within New York State and across the US, aiming to provide relief to motorists at the gas pumps.  As of March 2022, gas prices were averaging more than $1.30 per gallon higher than in March of 2021, and people were certainly feeling the impact.

As part of the budget in April, state lawmakers passed the gas tax suspension, which would save New Yorkers 16 cents per gallon. The legislation also gave counties across the state permission to reduce their local gas taxes.


Here in the Hudson Valley, several county executives took advantage of the offer, capping county sales tax on both gasoline and diesel fuel. Effective June 1st, a cap was implemented in a number of counties including Dutchess, Ulster, and Orange.  Some referring to the plan as a 'gas tax holiday,' this plan helped drivers see a reduction in their gas bill over the past few months.

Unfortunately, as the official holiday season is in full swing, the gas tax holiday has come to a close for some areas, and will soon expire in others.

Gas Tax 'Holiday' Season Commences In New York State

As of December 1st, several counties in New York State will resume collecting a larger tax percentage per gallon, and motorists will in turn notice an increase in the cost of filling up their tanks.  In Dutchess County, a 3.75% gas tax will go into effect, while Ulster County will return to 4% per gallon.  In Orange County, their tax relief is expected to remain in place through the end of the month before motorists see an increase.

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