It's Friday and that means new movie(s)...only one this week. Either way, Happy Friday!

In theaters today is the the new Christmas movie, The Best Man Holiday. It's that time of year already for those heart-warming friendship movies to start popping up, if you're into that stuff. Being a new release it will of course chart in the top 10 Weekend Box Office numbers but it won't be nearly enough to move The Mighty Thor. Last week I predicted that Thor: The Dark World will hit #1 at Weekend Box Office, and it did, anyone could have predicted that, and this week is a no brainier too. So here's my official statement: Thor: The Dark World is going to top the number again this weekend for one more weekend, no competition.

Next week I'll take a look at The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I'm going to have to think a bit harder to figure out who will be on top for that one.