Here’s the most bizarre thing you’ll see today. Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil and actor Nicolas Cage got into an altercation outside a Las Vegas hotel yesterday (April 7). TMZ reports that Cage got physical with Vince Neil after the Crue singer allegedly pulled a woman to the ground by her hair.

TMZ reports that according to law enforcement, this incident took place on the Las Vegas strip outside the Aria Hotel at approximately 5PM. “We're told Nic and Vince were inside when a woman came up to Nic and asked for an autograph,” TMZ writes. “Our sources say Vince allegedly got behind the woman, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the ground.”

TMZ continues, “The video we got shows the end of a fight between Vince and Nic. Our sources tell us Nic was trying to restrain Vince and calm him down, taking him outside the hotel and into a car. Nic is screaming at Vince, imploring him to calm down.”

As you can see in the video above, things were fairly heated between Neil and Cage. As Vince Neil approached the actor, Cage grabbed onto the Crue singer, restraining him and yelling, "Stop this s--t now!" Cage kept his face extremely close to Neil's as the vocalist refrained from fighting Cage's grip.

The site also claims Vince Neil was cited for battery but was never taken to a police station.

Stay tuned for more information as news about this incident continues to break.

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