Back in March, the "Heardle" app, a variation on the popular "Wordle" online game, started to gain momentum with music fans. On a daily basis, the app posts the intro of a new song, giving players six tries to guess what the song is. But given that it pulls from a wide variety of genres, it may not always be the easiest to guess. So, for fans looking for a more specific experience, a number of branded Heardle games have started to pop up.

For those not aware, Heardle breaks down the song's intro into specific seconds-long segments. The object is to guess the intro as quickly as possible, and on occasion you can probably guess the song on the first try by just hearing a second. Each skip gives you a little bit more of the song intro, and hopefully over the course of six tries and usually the first 30 seconds, you'll be able to guess the song.

Earlier this week, Muse revealed that there is now a Muse Heardle. At this point in the band's career, they have eight studio albums with a ninth currently en route, and a couple of new songs already out ahead of the release, so there's plenty of material for Muse fans to delve into when trying to guess the song of the day. Go ahead and get your guess in for today at this location.

Is emo more your thing? We know there are a lot of fans of Hayley Williams and the band Paramore out there, so it stands to reason that a Paramore Heardle would be quite popular as well. Go ahead and test out your Paramore knowledge by playing the Megan Campbell-coded game here.

It should also be noted that acts from other genres such as Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and BTS also have their own Heardle games, and there are also music-themed guessing games for platforms outside of music. With a new Sonic the Hedgehog film in theaters, there's a Sonic the Hedgehog Heardle allowing you to guess some of the game's musical themes. Try that here. And speaking of video games, there's a straight up video game theme Heardle as well that you can try here.

Heardle itself came about as an homage to the popular Wordle word-guessing game. Weezer's Rivers Cuomo, who previously released 2,500 demos as part of a web programming project for a class and turned it into Weezify, got the Wordle fever building his own Weezer-centric word game called Weezle back in March as well. So it's probably just a matter of time before there's a Weezer-centric Wordle spinoff.

But, of course, if you prefer to still try your knowledge against the whole of music, be sure to check out Heardle's daily game via the app here.

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