Sharing your birthday with the big game just sucks and there's no way around it.

Having a birthday on a Sunday just isn't fun people like to party on their birthday but Sunday's are more fitting for a good brunch. It's even worse when it falls on one of the biggest party nights of the year. There's only one Sunday when people like to party their face off and it's not because of someone's birthday.

No one cares about you birthday once your past the age of 21 and especially if it's on Super Bowl Sunday.

There are so many people who make their birthday into a big production every single year. They make a bunch of plans and sometimes they'll even take the day off. I don't need to be pampered or waited on hand and foot on my birthday but it would be nice to get a little extra attention on my special day even if I have to share it with the rest of the world.

No one will be partying with me as they'll all be distracted by the game and I don't blame them. No one wants to hear people terribly sing to you for your birthday when they can watch the Weeknd perform during halftime.

I don't expect a nice dinner either. This Sunday will be a day filled with chicken wings and jalapeno poppers.

Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get a cake but I'll bet you $10 that it will be shaped like a football.

Do you know anyone that has their birthday on a holiday?


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