Today is one of the best days in existence because it is celebrating the finest name in existence: MINE! Yes, today is the day to celebrate all the Conor's in your life. Whether you spell it Conor, Connor, Conner, Khanner, or any other variation, today is your day!

April 1st is National Connor Day... No, Really!

I know this sounds like an April Fools prank, but I am telling you, this is 100% real! According to sites that track holidays such as National Today, Event Guide, and Holiday Calendar, April 1st is National Connor Day. Honestly, Conor's just have a special bond with each other. I have never seen people with any other name connect the way that Conor's do. Not just that, but if you spell Conor the same way as someone, it is one of the most happiest experiences in the world.

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National Connor Day, on April 1, shows appreciation for the boys and men named Connor. The name Connor is of Irish Gaelic origin, and it derives from the name ‘Conchobhar' 0pronounced KRAH-her). The name Connor has been given to a great number of important characters throughout Irish history and mythology. It is widely agreed that Conchobhar, the historical Gaelic word for ‘lover of hounds,’ is the origin of the name Connor. Connors are symbolized by wolves and hounds as in Celtic mythology the legendary warriors depicted by the wolf and hounds were revered as companions and considered to be a blessing.

Conor, the name’s Irish origin, is spelled differently than Connor, the English form. Other popular spellings are Conner, Coner, and I even knew someone who spelled it Khanner, as if they took it from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Conchobhar, sometimes known as Conor, was the name of several other early Irish rulers, and the name has continued to be used ever since ancient times, eventually giving rise to the surname O’Connor. Even in modern times, people in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man still give their children the anglicized form of the name Conor.

Ways to Celebrate National Connor Day

  • Name your child "Connor"
  • Call up a "Connor" and wish them well
  • Give a gift to a "Connor"
  • Throw a Connor-themed party
  • Have a movie/show marathon of content with characters named Connor. Popular ones could be Connor Walsh (no relation to me) from How to Get Away with Murder and Conner Kent/Superboy from Young Justice.

So, whether your first name or last name is a variation of Conor, today is your day to celebrate. No April Fools required!

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