If you're looking to Netflix and chill on your next Hudson Valley Tinder date, you're going to be paying more soon. If you're actually a paying subscriber to Netflix and not just 'borrowing' someone's login information, we have a feeling you'll still be able to afford it.

The $7.99 plan will be staying the same, but the $8.99 plan will cost a dollar more. The $11.99 plan will be raised a whole two dollars. That's $13.99 now, if you dislike math.

Amazon has been stepping up their game in the original programming department, so this could be a move to help Netflix invest more in the product.

Let us know in the comments below, is the rate hike enough to get Hudson Valley residents to cancel? Raising the basic $1 and the premium $2 may not seem like much, but where does it end? Will you be following 30 Rock to Hulu?