First it was the spicy chicken nuggets. Now, McDonald's is stepping up their McCafé game by adding three new items to the menu. If you're looking for something to grab for breakfast, the fast food company says they're adding the apple fritter, blueberry muffin and cinnamon roll to their McCafé Bakery starting October 28. Just please don't drive drunk to any of their spots to grab a bite.

This is the first time McDonald's has added anything new to it's McCafé menu in eight years.

We know our customers deserve a break now more than ever, and are excited to give them another reason to visit their favorite breakfast destination by offering delicious flavors they crave, any time of the day.

With more people avoiding indoor dining amid a pandemic, drive-thru has become the first option for many who need to eat but don't have the time to sit. McDonald's was actually running out some key ingredients in certain locations recently due to the popularity of the Travis Scott Meal, which was pretty much just a Quarter pounder with Chees, fries, and a Sprite.

Over the summer, the fast food giant was looking to hire over 250,000 new employees, as many locations began to reopen after the initial lockdowns across the nation. The news came around the same time restaurant officials said they were closing over 200 locations in the United States.

Also, if you were ever curious, you can now track to see if your local McDonald's McFlurry machine is working. A new app called McBroken actually tracks the status of your neighborhood Mickey D's ice cream machines. Isn't technology amazing?

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