We get a ton of emails from listeners asking for life advice. Sometimes it's light-hearted, other times a little more serious. This time, a new Hudson Valley resident is having some issues with their new neighbor.

It takes a little getting used to when you get a new neighbor. But this might be a little bit too much. Take a look at the email we received below:

Hey CJ and Jess,


I just moved to New Paltz and am just getting settled into my apartment. I live by myself and work pretty much all day. I'm out of the house by 7 AM, and home by 6 PM, needless to say, I'm not coming home and partying. But my new neighbors below me think the exact opposite. The first week I moved in they came up around 7:30 pm as I was eating dinner to ask me to quiet down. I was literally sitting in my living room eating ramen, alone.  They said it was too noisy,  that it sounded like I had 10 people in my place I was keeping their kid up. I apologized and said I would try and be quieter. THEN last week they put a post-it note on my door asking me to not flush my toilet after 8 pm because it's too loud. That's a bit much, right?   Am I crazy to complain to my landlord?


PS: I will be flushing my toilet,  that's gross, but I need some advice on how to handle this.

Well, that one warm welcome to the Hudson Valley.

If you've ever lived in an apartment, you understand that hearing footsteps above you is part of the process. Sinks, toilets, people talking. You get used to it. I'm sure having a kid in an apartment is a different story, but telling someone they can't flush their toilet seems a bit extreme.

What do you think? How should our new New Paltz neighbor handle this situation? Text us through The Wolf mobile app.

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