The good news continues to pour in for fans of Armadillo, one of the Hudson Valley's favorite Mexican restaurants in Kingston, NY. Not only are they reopening, but the announcement of new ownership has rallied many loyal customers.

Big News from the Armadillo in Kingston, NY

The new ownership announcement is even more exciting because just weeks ago, the Hudson Valley thought they were losing the community staple that had been part of the Kingston restaurant scene for over 40 years. No worries about an outsider coming in to make radical changes, either. Not only is the ownership change internal, but it's coming from inside the kitchen...


The New Owner of the Armadillo Mexican Restaurant

"Salvador Castillo has been the Chef at Armadillo for over 20 years. He has been the heart of this kitchen for as long... we are very excited to announce that Sal has taken over ownership of the Armadillo", the restaurant shared in a recent post. Supportive customers only had one request from the new chef.

etorres69 via Canva
etorres69 via Canva

Give the People What They Want!

"Great news! Bring back the old menu!", said one Armadillo fan. "Congratulations! Bring back the old menu", echoed another. "Congratulations, great news. Hope to see the “old” Armadillo back. I’ve been missing the tostada carbon", said a third. The good news is that since the Armadillo's new owner was also seemingly responsible for the "old" menu that so many are demanding, it would be an easy change to make.

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While the Hudson Valley eagerly awaits any news of a retro menu at Armadillo, the restaurant is back and open for business. If you love Mexican food but are on the other side of the Hudson River, check out the top rated choices in Poughkeepsie, NY below.

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