If you've ever lost a dog because they just felt like exploring then you know how scary it is. Thankfully, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law that will help speed up the process of finding your pet using microchip technology.


I got my dog two years ago from the Dutchess County SPCA and he has become my greatest companion. We learned how to communicate through patience, body language and positive reinforcement. He is, however, quite the little explorer and if he ever got out I'm sure he's happily sniff the entire city of Poughkeepsie. Thankfully he has a microchip which makes identifying him easier.

The new law will make it a requirement to check a pet's microchip within 24 hours so the owners can be identified. This should cut down on the amount of lost pets which will help keep more space available in animal shelters.

Microchips implanted in pets are about the size of a grain of rice and is becoming the best way to identify an animal and substantially increase the probability of reuniting them with their owners. Just remember this microchip does not locate your dog like an iPhone, it can only be scanned locally similar to a bar code.