One of the funniest shows on TV has awarded a huge prize to one New York family.

For many years the television show America's Funniest Home Videos was must-watch TV every Sunday night. You might not be aware, but AFV is still on TV every week on ABC, and good thing because it was super lucky for one New York Family this past Sunday night.

New York Family Wins on America's Funniest Home Video

The Feulner family from West Glenville New York were in the running last Sunday for the weekly cash prize of $20,000 after they submitted a video that still has us all laughing.

The video was captured by mom Tracy and in it, Tracy's son Spencer is caught on video denying that he ate some chocolate Entenmann's donuts. The video dubbed "little donut denier" shows Spencer denying that he ate any of the half-eaten donuts that were sitting inside a box that was ripped open.

In the video, Mom asks Spencer, "You didn’t eat any donuts? Are you sure? Can you tell me then what happened right here to this box?" Spencer denies eating them and as the camera shows his face, it's covered in chocolate which makes it even funnier. Who can blame him, have you ever tried a chocolate-covered Entenmann's donut? They are so good!!


$20,000 Will Buy Lots of Donuts

After mom captured the sweet treat fun on the video to show her husband she was convicted by her neighbor to submit it to the TV show. After submitting and making the finals on Sunday, the Feulner family walked away with $20,000 according to News 10. The family is planning on possibly using the money for a family trip to Disney World.

Take a look at the winning video here and if you'd like to submit a video you think might be the next big winner on AFV, upload it here.

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