New York State just dealt another "blow" to Hudson Valley marijuana growers.

Back in June, we told you about a new plan that's been proposed to help the struggling 200+ New York marijuana farmers by moving some of their surplus products. The plan was simple, allow legal growers in New York to sell marijuana and other cannabis products at farmers' markets and festivals across the state.


Will New York Pot Growers be Able to Sell at Farmers' Markets?

NO!! At least not right now as it appears that New York Governor Kathy Hochul's administration has announced that they are "pausing" the plan that would allow licensed marijuana growers and retailers to sell weed at farmers' markets and festivals according to the New York Post. The announcement is another expensive setback for growers that have been struggling for over a year because of the state's slow rollout of legal marijuana dispensaries.


Huge Surplus of Pot in New York

According to officials at the state Office of Cannabis Management licensed marijuana farmers currently have more than 300,000 pounds of marijuana just sitting in warehouses because the state has experienced delay after delay in rolling out the state-sanctioned and taxed retail cannabis program. Currently, there are 16 dispensaries and delivery outlets open in New York which is way lower than the 50+ locations that were initially expected.

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The slow rollout was the main reason behind growers asking the state to help them in getting rid of some of the surpluses and recover some of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have already been invested in growing.

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Will it Ever Happen?

The governor's office didn't say the farmers market plan will never happen but the Office of Cannabis Management spokesman Aaron Ghitelman did tell the Post that the farmers market idea is on hold for now,

"We are committed to the success of New York’s equitable cannabis industry and are always open to considering opportunities to strengthen the program. No final decisions have been made with respect to farmers' markets."

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