Hudson Valley residents will soon be legally able to own nunchucks again after a federal judge ruled the New York ban unconstitutional. The New York Post reports a ruling out of a Brooklyn court will once again allow residents to use and own the martial arts weapon. The ban was declared unconstitutional by Judge Pamela Chen who stated that they should be legal to own under the second amendment.

A Long Island man brought a case against the ban because he wants to teach a form of self-created martial arts to his children. His fight against the prohibition on nunchucks reaches all the way back to the year 2000 when he was arrested at his home in possession of the weapon.

Legality from state to state varies. For example, in California, they are illegal but can be possessed on the premises of a registered martial arts school.

So now that the ban has been lifted, will you be doing your best Bruce Lee impersonation with a new pair of nunchucks? Just don't break anything (bones included).