Chances are you've seen the scam email suggesting you send your name and information to an African prince and you'll receive a windfall of cash in return, right? Well today, a Nigerian citizen was sentenced in a similar scheme in which he laundered money internationally, ripping people off all over the country.

Uriosa Eribo was sentenced today for international money laundering. He'll spend the next 10 months in jail for defrauding victims in the US, including one couple from New York, out of thousands of dollars. Eribo admitted in court that he maintained a bank account in the UK which was used to knowingly launder money. We're glad he's going away but doesn't 10 months seem like a light sentence for stealing this much money?

Eribo also fired taxes on behalf of a New York couple and received a $482,000 tax return. Because lots of couple get $400K tax returns, that's not suspicious at all. He's also been ordered to pay $11,000 in restitution and a $3,000 fine.