Well, this was a move he'll regret. Police say they have charged a New York state man after a rather absentminded move. Officials say when the man was asked to place all of his personal items in a bin at a security checkpoint, he put something in there that he really didn't mean to put in there.

New York State Man Allegedly Put Cocaine in Security Checkpoint Bin 

WKTV says the 50-year-old man was placing all of his belongings in the bin at a security checkpoint at the Oneida County Office Building Thursday. This is when police say the suspect haphazardly dropped a tied-off baggie containing what was later determined to be cocaine.

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WKTV says he almost instantly realized his blunder, as he tried to quickly snatch up the bag and hide it. However, police say his attempt to be slick failed. Police say he was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Police Say Couple Hid Coke in Cake 

Back in July 2021, CBS says that a New York man and a woman from Maine were arrested after a "significant amount" of cocaine disguised as cake was found in their vehicle.


Cocaine Cake

CBS says that the duo had been under investigation for distributing coke in the state of Maine. CBS says that drug agents seized more than four pounds of cocaine from their vehicle. Police go on to say more than two pounds of the coke was disguised as cake, though they didn't go into what kind of cake exactly. Police say the two had wrapped "gourmet" cake in cellophane and sprinkled coffee grounds on top to hopefully hide the scent from K9s.

CBS 6 Albany had initially reported that the arrest happened in Gardiner in Ulster County, though WGME says it was actually Gardiner, Maine.

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