What at first almost sounds like something from an episode of The Office, could have actually turned into a tragic story if not for the quick thinking of emergency crews. Over five thousand Americans died in 2019 due to accidents at the workplace, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Luckily, one New York state man did not become another statistic, though he is currently listed in critical condition from his injuries, according to sources. 

WGRZ says it all went down Friday night when a 40-year-old employee at the Cascade Plant somehow got trapped in a roller that feeds paper.

WGRZ says that police and firefighters were called to the scene and were able to free the trapped man. Officials say he was taken to a nearby hospital where he is in critical but stable condition. There aren't too many other details about the accident, such as how he got stuck in there in the first place.

In other accident-related news of a different variety, how did a gun somehow fire in a Walmart checkout line of all places?

Police say they “received a report of an accidental misfiring of a weapon” in mid-November at a Walmart shopping store. Authorities say this was not an intentional act. It appears a customer accidentally fired the 9mm handgun while rummaging through her purse while in the checkout line. No, ma'am, that's not a coupon book you're reaching for there. Investigators say the woman's toddler was with her at the time the accident occurred. Luckily, police say that no one was hurt after the gun went off.

Be careful out there.

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