This almost sounds like the set-up for a bad joke. But, according to WNYT, it did really happen in real life. WNYT says an Albany man was out on Lake George in his kayak, when he drifted away from his wife and stepkids. After refusing to cry for help, the man attempted to steer the kayak back to safety, but to no avail. As the water got rougher, the man tipped over and fell off the kayak and into the lake.

Now, he was desperate. His life jacket had come up over his head, as he clung to his kayak with one hand, while trying to save his brand new smartphone with the other.

This is where it gets interesting. Could divine intervention have played a role? Perhaps. Who really knows? But help was on the way.

What we do know is that the Tiki Tours happened to be out on the water too that particular day, when they saw the man in distress. Normally, Tiki Tours is a party boat, as the name suggests, but not this day. WNYT says the passengers happened to be a bunch of priests from the Paulist Fathers retreat. As the floating tiki bar boat approached the man hanging from his kayak, the priests on board and a deckhand pulled him up to safety.

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