Governor Kathy Hochul unveiled a transformative revitalization endeavor slated for the historic Genesee Brewery in Rochester. A $50 million overhaul will reshape the 146-year-old facility into a state-of-the-art packaging center, amplifying its manufacturing capacity and streamlining operations.

The renovation aims to generate up to 57 new positions within two years, fortifying the existing workforce of over 500 employees in Rochester. Moreover, the facility will diversify its production by becoming the inaugural site to manufacture the renowned Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light beers in the United States, supplementing the Canadian production and distribution.

To support this venture, New York State has pledged a $7 million capital grant to Genesee’s parent company, FIFCO USA, facilitating the modernization efforts.


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Genesee Brewery Pillar Of The Rochester Community

Governor Hochul emphasized the brewery's longstanding role as a pillar of the Rochester community, expressing confidence that this investment will ensure its endurance for generations. She underscored New York's burgeoning manufacturing landscape, highlighting the influx of investments and job opportunities driving economic progress statewide.

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The project entails augmenting the brewery's capacity through the installation of new equipment and tanks, following a prior $50 million investment in 2018. The Genesee Brew House, established in 2012, complements the brewery with its museum, restaurant, and pilot brewery, drawing over 400,000 visitors annually to its picturesque location by the Genesee River.

Notably, the Brew House clinched three awards at the 2023 New York State Craft Beer Competition, including the prestigious Governor’s Excelsior Craft Beer Cup for its Helles beer.

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New York State’s Oldest Brewery

Founded in 1878, the Genesee Brewery stands as New York State’s oldest brewery and one of the nation's longest-running. In addition to its signature Genesee line, the brewery produces popular beverages such as Seagram’s Escapes and Lipton Hard Iced Tea, alongside various brands for major alcoholic beverage companies nationwide.

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