I may not have all of my Christmas shopping done yet but I do have our pets' presents already wrapped and in their stockings. If you love your pets as much as I do mine, then chances are not only are they on your gift list, they're also in your family Christmas photos, and in the midst of all the Christmas morning madness and mayhem.

Apparently, we are not alone. A popular pet-focused website, The Nose Print, owned by Big Heart Pet Brands, makers of Milk-Bone, Milo's Kitchen, Pup-Peroni, and Canine Carry Outs; asked 3,000 Americans not only how much they spend on their dogs but if they also include them in gift-giving, stocking-stuffing, Christmas sweater-wearing, and other holiday traditions.

The results are in, New York and New Jersey dog lovers are tied for first place with $29.55 and $30.01 respectively, a close second is Pennsylvania at $28.75. Utah and Georgia round out the top 5, and the national average spent is $23.10. When asked about including their dogs in holiday activities, 48% said they hang a Christmas stocking for their dog, 43%  include their dog in a photo for a family holiday card, and 29% dress up their dog in a holiday-themed outfit or costume.

Go ahead and spoil those pets. They give you unconditional love all year long, and as 78% of respondents said, they are part of our families and we love them. Merry Christmas!