If you haven't seen Nickelback's new video for "Those Days" by now, you really should, especially if you grew up in the '80s as the clip will give you plenty of feels.

Chad Kroeger and his band open the doors to their garage and open the floodgates to our childhood memories all in one fell swoop. Whoever the set designer was for this video went all out in helping to capture the feel of the song and the era that it was clearly inspired by.

So how many '80s easter eggs did you catch in this video? There are plenty so we decided to breakdown some of our favorite background pieces and what they meant to us back in our youth.

As Chad Kroeger sings in the song, "Those days that felt like another life / What would you be doin' back in those days?" Scroll though the gallery below and then let us know your favorite memory from "Those Days" in the comments.

Nickelback, "Those Days"

Nickelback's '80s Easter Eggs in "Those Days" Video

Taking you back.

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