As of this week, the New York Blood Center announced that they only had a 4 day supply. Find out how you can help out the New York Blood Center immediately.

Getting in to donate may never have been more critical. New York Blood Center urgently needs you help.

New York Blood Center calls me just about every month to schedule my appointment to make a donation. However, since I caught COVID I have been hesitant to go back in but now it's time to get back in there. It may never be more crucial of a time.

It's so simple and there are a few spots to donate throughout the Hudson Valley. I make the trip to East Fishkill near the iPark.

According to ta statement from the New York Blood Center, Supply of donated blood is extremely low. They have even declared a "blood emergency."

The combination of the coronavirus pandemic and terrible road conditions have been factors in the low supply. According to the New York Blood Center, they have reportedly seen over 5,000 fewer donors each month since the beginning of the pandemic. Some cannot give right away depending on what vaccine they received.

Donated blood is always in high demand and getting donations has been extremely challenging for the last year.

If you're healthy and able please donate. You can learn all about how to donate safely during the pandemic here.

A simple ten minute procedure could save lives.

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