I should have this guy take care of the bills that I got in the mail from the New York State Thruway.

If you're looking to sign up for a gym membership this winter but you're afraid that they might get shut down again, this might be the one to join. I don't think this guy is packing up his equipment any time soon.

It's hard to believe that we are closely approaching a year into the coronavirus pandemic. Many business owners fear that we're in the early stages of another mandatory shutdown. A gym owner near Buffalo doesn't seem to concerned.

If you've ever watched a Bills game in a bar filled with Buffalo fans you can understand where their passion is coming from.

According to the video, Robert Dinero, a gym owner from Orchard Park decided to publicly promote a protest over social media and invited other business owners to his gym. His protest was allegedly met with some opposition.

Dinero claims that he was visited two times by both police officers and public health officials after normal business hours. During their second visit he claimed a piece of paper was left on his door which turned out to be a fine for the sum of $15,000.

Dinero has since gone viral for ripping up the large fine while being interviewed live on Fox News.

"Our freedom cannot end where people's fear starts." Dinero said in the video which has now gone viral.

Dinero also questioned the leadership of politicians including Governor Cuomo while examining how he is able to draw a six figure salary while telling others that they cannot earn.

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