It looks like gas stations in the Hudson Valley will one day be a thing of the past just like regular light bulbs, plastic shopping bags and styrofoam cups.

New York has announced that it also expects to institute a ban on sales of gas-powered cars. The law is expected to only apply to new cars.

On Thursday, California voted to prohibit the sale of new cars that run on gas. According to CNN, the phase-out begins in 2026 and will completely go into effect in 2035. In just four years 35% of new cars, SUVs and small trucks will need to be classified as zero-emission vehicles. Each year that percentage will rise until it's 51% in 2028 and eventually 100% in 2035.

Florida To Join California As Leader In Reducing Carbon Emissions
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New  York has indicated that it plans to follow suit, instituting a similar ban on gas-powered vehicles. Basil Seggos, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner says that California's new law now "unlocks New York’s ability to adopt the same regulation."

Is the Hudson Valley really ready to ditch the gas pump and go totally electric? Eventually, gas stations would likely transform into small convenience stores where you could still pick up milk and lottery tickets. Parking lots would need to include charging stations and families who purchase a new car would have to install chargers in their garage.

The California law only affects new car sales, so in 2035 there will still likely be gas-powered cars on the road, but that number will quickly decrease if the phase-out is approved in New York.

Proposal To Reduce Auto Emissions In California
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The Empire State isn't the only one that's likely to follow California's lead. New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusets, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Washington, Oregon, Maryland, Delaware, Colorado, Nevada, Virginia, New Mexico and Minnesota have all adopted California's strict vehicle standards as part of the Federal Clean Air Act. It's likely that many, if not all of them, will also adopt some sort of phase-out of gas vehicles as well.

We want to know what you think. Would you welcome the switchover to electric vehicles or do you plan on holding on to that gas-guzzler as long as you can? Let us know your thoughts by dropping us a message on our free mobile app.

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