This is a law that most residents shouldn't have a problem with but if you've ever rolled past a stopped school bus it could be costly for you. This is an effort on behalf of the senate to make the roads safer for drivers and students. What qualifies as an infraction has not been changed but the penalties have increased.

Under no circumstances can you drive past a school bus with it's red lights flashing. This includes being on the opposite side of a divided highway like rt 9. The changes in the penalties could yield a driver a 60-day suspension of their license if they've been convicted two or more times within a 10 year period. This is very similar to the penalties involving speeding through construction zones.

School buses can give an impatient driver a sudden on-set of road rage. It's perfectly OK to pass a school bus while driving on a multi-lane road or highway, but if you see the red lights flashing stop and wait.