Dan Dodson told us about his recent Bigfoot experience by first taking us back to April of last year. That's when Dodson says he was outside, smoking a cigarette on his back deck when things in his normally quiet neighborhood in Upstate New York took a bit of a strange turn.

What did he hear in the woods that night?

"It was about 9:30 p.m. and I had stepped out onto my back deck to have a cigarette and immediately noticed that the coyotes around my house were going CRAZY!" he explained.
His house is located near North Java, NY (about 4.5 hours west of Albany), and Dodson says that in addition to the frenzy whipped up by the coyotes, that night he heard distinct noises and sounds consistent with what a Bigfoot might sound like.
"I stood there listening," he said, "and I heard 3 loud tree knocks come from the woods behind my house and then maybe about 10 seconds later from the left side of my house."

The sound wasn't isolated, and it appeared to be moving around him, but the chaos turned even eerier when after 20 minutes, Dodson heard nothing but dead silence.

"I heard 3 distinct whooping calls and the coyotes immediately went quiet. I stood there and continued to listen...but didn't hear anything for about 20 minutes."
Since April, Dodson tells us that he and his wife have been on high alert and on the lookout for anything usual in the wooded area by his home.

Intrigued by the noises, and curious to find out more, Dodson told us what happened next, about a week later:

"My wife and I were sitting out on the deck and I just happened to look off into the trees on the left side of my house and noticed a stick structure about 50 feet from my deck that had NOT been there the day before."

Dodson's latest run-in with a possible Sasquatch happened about 3 weeks ago, and the intriguing photos are below.

We came across Dodson's story a few weeks ago after he shared his story and images on a Facebook page for Bigfoot enthusiasts and believers called Sasquatch Highway,
About 3 weeks ago, Dodson was given permission by his landlord to explore the 50 acres behind his home and that's when he saw more stick structures and human-like barefoot prints in the snow.

Strange noises, suspicious footprints, unusual wood structures in the forest, what does this mean?

Some Bigfoot theorists say that the stick structures are there to mark territory, while others suggest they are markers for where they have buried their dead.
Non-believers chalk it up to hikers who may have stacked up logs and sticks for a lean-to or a mini-log cabin.
The footprints are anybody's guess but it is a little strange that anyone would be walking around the woods in bare feet - in the snow.  Dodson compared the prints side-by-side to his foot and surmised that the smaller of the two must have been from a juvenile, the larger from an adult.
But what about the noises Dodson heard that night; the coyotes going nuts, the tree knocks, the loud whooping calls followed by sudden silence?
That's up to you to decide, but Dodson seems to have made up his mind, and he's curious to know what you think.
"I am a bigfoot believer," he says.  "I really enjoy sharing my experiences with others and enjoy hearing others' stories."

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