A little known loophole allows drivers to use their phones while stopped. Although, it may be ending soon.

Inside New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s book that outlines his plans for 2017 is a proposal that would end a loophole that allows driver to use their cellphone while not in motion.

The plan hopes to make it illegal to look at your phone while stopped at a red light, a stop sign or in traffic.

A New York State DMV spokesperson told the Times Union that the proposal would not stop people from pulling over on the side of the road to text or make a call.

The plan hopes to increase the safety on state roads and highways.

“This common sense measure will close a glaring loophole that exists in state law by prohibiting any non-hands free use of a mobile phone or personal electronic device – regardless of whether a driver is stopped at a light or traveling in stop-and-go traffic," the DMV spokesperson, Joe Morrissey, told the Times Union.