There haven't been many 400th birthdays in the United States, but one is right around the corner for one of the oldest (and most significant) buildings in the entire country.

New York state is steeped in Revolutionary War history. From George Washington's headquarters in Newburgh, NY, to northern forts that were once held by our European overlords, there's amazing stories everywhere you look. This home, however, was built over 100 years before the war even started.

Revolutionary War History in Kingston, NY

Now called the Senate House, the famous home in Kingston, NY was built in 1676, making it not only one of the oldest homes in the Hudson Valley (that honor goes to a home in Coxsackie, NY), but one of the oldest in the entire country. It also played a pivotal role in American history.

Visitors can still explore the Senate House (
Visitors can still explore the Senate House (

The History of the Senate House in Kingston, NY

Built by German immigrant Wessel Ten Broeck, the home stayed in the family for 100 years before the Revolutionary War came to New York. Looking for a place to meet, the newly-formed New York senate began renting the home until the British made their way to Kingston, burning it down in October of 1777.

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The British Come to Kingston, NY

The Senate House, along with much of Kingston, was rebuilt, and the home has been owned by New York State since 1887. Visitors are still welcomed to the home, which has been a museum for nearly 140 years, though visiting hours are limited.

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Visit the Senate House in Kingston, NY

The Senate House is open to visitors April through October and available by appointment only from November to April. Events include Autumn Fest on October 1st, with everything from blacksmithing demonstrations to tightrope walking and juggling. Learn more here, and if you want to buy a historic home, check out the Dutchess County mansion below.

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