After much debate and protest, the remodel of the Orange County Government building is coming to an end.

The $74 million reconstruction and renovation project is finally coming to a close after the building was left empty after a 2011 flood, according to the Times Herald-Record. With a massive budget like that, you'd expect some major changes. But because the building was designed by a famous architect, Paul Rudolph, it looks pretty much the same.

One of the biggest issues of the building was that it wasn't fully handicapped accessible. Now, Jason Streb, the project lead, has brought the center up to modern code requirements, made it accessible to all, and maintained the modern design. The Times Herald-Record reports an entirely new addition was added to give it a more modern feel, without tearing down the original building.

According to the article, the building is already partially occupied and is expected to be fully operational by the summer. The government center boasts 6 courtrooms, 12 county departments, and will employ 423 full-time workers.