In Los Angeles, paparazzi love hanging out on Rodeo Drive to catch a glimpse of a Hollywood A-lister. In Ulster County, all they need to do is camp out at the local home improvement store.

Celebrities in the Hudson Valley

It's no secret that the Hudson Valley been a celebrity favorite for some time. It's hard to blame them. If I visited our area as an outsider, I'd want to move here, too. But what is going on at Lowes? It's quickly becoming a celebrity hotbed that would make even TMZ jealous.

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Celebrities at the Highland, NY Lowes

"Paul Rudd was in the house" said an employee at the Lowes in Highland, NY back in November. "I can't believe he was at the Lowes near my house wtf", said one surprised resident. "I’m going to starting hanging out there just in case he comes back", joked another. It might not be a complete surprise to see Ant Man in the Hudson Valley, as he co-owns a candy shop in Rhinebeck, NY. But what about the next sighting?

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Kate McKinnon in Highland, NY

Former Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon was the latest actor to have reportedly stopped by Highland's new celebrity hotspot. "Kate McKinnon from SNL was in the Hardware Department at Lowes today. I helped her with a Palm Sander", said the same employee who had the opportunity to run into Mr. Rudd. So what's so special about this Lowes?

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The easy answer is nothing. People like Rudd and McKinnon are on our televisions so often that sometimes it's easy to forget that they need lightbulbs and palm sanders just like the rest of us. At least they're down-to-earth enough to shop for themselves instead of sending their assistant. They're also just the tip of the iceberg. Check out more of Hollywood in the Hudson Valley below.

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